There's nothing quite as freeing as the feeling you get when you open your arms up wide and let your legs get you to the bottom of a hill, as fast as they can. At least for us, it's hard to come across a nice grassy hill, a sand dune, or a giant snow bank and NOT see it as an opportunity to forget the nonsense in life and just go for it. We always reach the bottom feeling better than we did at the top (and with a big smile to boot). At hillrun bakery, we hope to create a product that can give you that same feeling. Clear your head, take a big bite, and really, truly savor that small, single moment. We promise to make the best product possible with the best available ingredients so the only thing you need to "worry" about is who you'll be sharing with. 


Annie Leonard is the founder and owner of hillrun bakery. Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, she began avidly baking as a teenager. A handful of years, a couple colleges, and two cities later, she headed to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to study baking and pastry while working the pastry station at Nine on Nine. Upon graduation in 2012, she moved to Brooklyn, New York where she worked for Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar for almost six years. In 2017, in hopes of starting her own business, she returned to Pittsburgh and began baking out of her sister's basement kitchen using a trusty oven from 1920 (named Bessie). Shortly thereafter, hillrun bakery was born.